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How Life Extension Multivitamins Could Help You
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How Life Extension Multivitamins Could Help You

Living a long, healthy life isn?t easy. You have to eat right, sleep right, and exercise. All of these things will help you live longer, and be in better physical shape. But even living a healthy lifestyle doesn?t guarantee you a long life. Sometimes you, and your body, need a little help to get the vitamins and minerals you need to live longer.

That?s the basic premise behind life extension multivitamins. They?re not meant to replace a healthy lifestyle, simply to enhance it to ensure you receive the maximum amount of nutrition in order to extend your life.

Life extension multivitamins will help you extend your life and health because they contain an array of essential vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. Two of the most common vitamins in these supplements are vitamins D and E.

Vitamin D helps to regulate several bodily functions, and because of this some age-related physical problems have been linked to low vitamin D levels. Low vitamin D levels can be an issue for men and women of all ages, as well. Since vitamin D is something that is often be received through exposure to sunlight, many people, especially those who work long hours indoors, are at risk of low or deficient vitamin D levels. By taking a life extension multivitamin that includes vitamin D, you can help ensure that your body receives the proper amount of the vitamin, and functions correctly. This may help extend your life.

Vitamin E, the other very common vitamin in life extension supplements is another essential nutrient that your body needs to work properly. Vitamin E provides many antioxidant benefits, and may help slow the effects of aging. And, while only a little vitamin E is recommended, over 90% of American men and women?s diets do not contain enough vitamin E. This potential deficiency can lead to a decline in physical function, and can accelerate age-related physical issues. Taking a multivitamin that includes vitamin E can help you avoid this, and live a longer, healthier life.

Aside from commonly containing vitamins D and E, life extension multivitamins also contain a range of B vitamins, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and other essential nutrients that the body requires. These vitamins and minerals will provide support for your bones, muscles, and other areas of your body that may wear out over time, making sure that your entire body receives everything it needs.

These types of broad life extension multivitamins, along with living a healthy lifestyle, can help you ensure that your body is receiving everything it needs to live longer.